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Born and raised in South-eastern Indiana, I'm thankful for my time spent among the wild plants and animals of my hometown. Trained as an Ecologist, I have two Bachelor degrees in Zoology and Environmental Science and a Masters of Science of Biology. I studied the collaborative adaptations of desert species and even published papers in peer-reviewed journals! After spending so much time in systematized wildlife observations, I decided what I really wanted was to be a science communicator, sharing stories about the ecology of our world (especially during the Anthropocene). Initially a hobby I started as a self-congratulations when I finally finished my MSc, I began sharing my work with clients and pursuing commissioned work as an artist. Now living in Bloomington, Indiana, I spend my days working on my art and parenting my pets Lemon, Chickpea, & Mako.


I'm now also an Instructor at the Bloomington Creative Glass Center! I teach Beginning Stained Glass and other Intermediate Stained Glass classes to folks in and around Bloomington, IN. The commitment to community art education the center holds is something I really admire and am happy to be able to connect with my community. :)

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