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Moon Phases


Things to Know


Every piece that is sent out is crafted with love and care, so we want you to love it as much as we do. Therefore, we accept all returns within 2 weeks of the time you've received your piece and will offer a full refund once the piece has arrived wrapped with similar care it has left in (with secure bubble wrap and paper cushion). We do require that you cover your returning shipping costs.

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Pinwheel Ornaments.jpg


How We Do It

For all domestic orders, we provide free tracked & insured shipping for every piece. While we take extreme precaution to keep our pieces safe while in transit, and have never once had a piece arrived damaged in over 100 orders, we expect that someday a piece will not make it to its new home safely. Should your piece arrived damaged in anyway, please send a photo within 24 hours of receiving your package and send it back our way for a complimentary repair. While we cannot offer our free shipping to international orders, we do still send pieces globally for differing shipping fees, depending on the package's destination.

Every piece is unique

Stained glass is one of the visual arts where every piece is an original. While stained glass artists can certainly remake designs they've done before, every item is handcrafted. This means that no two pieces are perfectly alike. Much of my work incorporates one-of-a-kind glass finds, and every piece of glass (even by the same maker) can have wild variations. This means that your piece won't look exactly like what's photographed here on the website most of the time. Of course, I'll never send you something very unlike what you've asked for, and every element that makes the piece special will always be there. You might just get a slightly different texture of yellow glass, or a streakiness with different shapes. You also might notice small "imperfections" (small bubbles, waviness, etc.), but this is, in most glass artists' opinions, what makes the medium wonderful. So rest easy knowing your piece will be as unique as you!

Pinwheel Ornaments.jpg